Magnetic Hex Driver Drill Set

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Finding yourself on your knees searching for "wayward screws" at the end of every tiring working day? Always a hand short for doing the job? Then time to get yourself the Magnetic Hex Driver Drill Set!

The Magnetic Hex Driver Drill Set provides you with the best support to hold onto screws. Equipped with strong magnet and skid resistant, this magnetic ring can tightly suck the bit and reduce the slip phenomenon, ensuring there will be no wobbling and stripping of the bit, setting your screw straight and effectively preventing cross-threading, which can greatly increase the service life of the bit.


  • Imported D1 material, heat treated high temperature quenching, high resistant to breakage and wear.
  • Screwdriver Head with Superior Magnetic Strength, effectively preventing screw fall out in the working process
  • Using concave design,more torque, better toughness, compatible with any power drill and cordless drill.
  • Make a great impact on your drivers or drills eliminating the guesswork involved and sets your screws straight at a predetermined depth.


  • Material: Chrome-vanadium Steel
  • Screw Head Type: Phillips
  • Package Includes: 1X Magnetic Hex Driver Drill Set